Finding products to sell on your online store can be a difficult process, especially if you're new to e-commerce.

Ultimately, it's important to fill your store's inventory with high-demand items that you can sell to your customers at an affordable price.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to run your business in a dropshipping fashion. There is no limit to the amount of profit you can generate once you add top products to your dropshipping store.

This article was written to assist you in locating the best dropshipping products for your (store dot By) the time you're done reading, you'll have started sourcing products with great potential and what you need to start dropshipping today. You can get all the information you need.

How to find the perfect dropshipping products

Dropshipping businesses offer ecommerce entrepreneurs a lot of freedom, but there are some important points to consider when sourcing products for your store's inventory. Once you've identified the best winning products for your dropshipping store, you're ready to get ahead of the competition and start selling.

We believe in making entrepreneurs' lives easier, so we've broken down the main things you should consider when searching for the top dropshipping products to add to your store.

1. Find trending products—perfect for your dropshipping business

Products that are trending right now are a great option for dropshipping store inventory. If you don't know the best-selling products, try to find out which products are trending. If you can source trending dropshipping products into your store before other entrepreneurs discover them, you can take advantage of low marketing costs and establish your brand as a top retailer for those products.

If you're interested in finding products that are trending now, or might be popular in the future, check out the following resources.

Take a look at these platforms and take notes when you find products with great profit potential. If you've decided to source trendy products for your dropshipping store's inventory, take some time to think about how to market them to your audience. We have compiled a list of trending products.

2. Find a Niche Dropshipping Product

Targeting a niche market with a dropshipping store is a great way to generate revenue.

Take a look at Google Trends to explore top niches with high potential. These could be good niches to gain a competitive edge in the dropshipping market. Another idea is to target seasonal niches like inflatable toys that are likely to sell well during the summer season.

When you start selling items around niche product trends, you can reach a smaller audience and therefore have less competition. means cheaper. Also, running a niche dropshipping store can help your store rank better in search engines, helping your business grow over the long term.

It's important to note that starting with a dropshipping niche idea doesn't mean you can't expand into other areas later. You can try adding related products that you think you might have. This allows you to develop and target new customers. Alternatively, you can create an online general store and leverage your niche store branding to attract, engage, and convert customers.

If you want to play it safe in the lucrative dropshipping niches, check out this one too.

3. Product competitor research

Another way to get ideas for dropshipping products is to look at potential competitors and research their products. Find out how they source and sell their products. Perhaps you can decipher their pricing strategy or predict potential new products they will sell. Staying one step ahead of them will help you stay competitive.

If a competitor sells the product you are considering, but you cannot source this product at a similar price, you may run into trouble. It is recommended. Once you've built a strong brand and customer loyalty, you can return to this product option.

Competitor research shouldn't last all day. A quick Google search for a product will highlight various competitors in seconds.From there, a quick scan of the website will give you enough information to decide what to sell online.

4. Explore product hashtags on TikTok

The product-related hashtags you see on TikTok can be really helpful. You can find ideas for store inventory by reviewing the items featured in these tags. Tags to check out for include #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt and #viralproduct.

Spend time on your most engaging videos. If no one has commented in the last 7 days, your product may not be very exciting to your audience. Beware of fake comments as they can lead you to choose the wrong products to sell online.

You can use the same tactics on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook to get more product ideas for dropshipping.

5. Find products for sale on social shopping sites

Another great way to generate ideas for dropshipping and selling products on your online store is to explore social shopping platforms. Social shopping sites are basically e-commerce platforms where shopping experiences are shared with people's social networks. Sharing includes liking, commenting, recommending, or discussing products with other users. The main premise of sellers on these sites is to use the recommendations and influence of others to get more sales.

Social shopping sites include:

Browse these websites and discover how people use them. Notice how the customer reviews for each platform stand out and how important feedback is to the UI. This allows you to quickly identify what people love and rave about, making it easier to find the best products for dropshipping.

6. Join online communities to find products to dropship

There are many online communities and forums you can join to research products in high demand. Facebook and Reddit have hundreds of open and closed communities that help us understand the needs and desires of people in specific parts of the world. You may restrict your study to geographical groupings if you wish to limit your dropshipping business to a nation or region.

Here are some online communities we encourage you to join:

Alternatively, you can open your search to different areas or search for niche groups with people from all over the world.There are many global groups and forums on veganism, gardening, fitness and many other subjects. . Check these groups to see if your product or issue is mentioned. If the issue is being discussed, find a product you can sell to overcome this.

7. Go back to old school with Google

Google is one of the best tools for finding dropshipping products to sell. Just type in the phrase "product" after your niche, like baby, health, fashion, and you'll be taken to many websites discussing and featuring related items. Bookmark items that pique your interest so you can revisit them later to explore the store's items.

You can also try these queries:

  • people are crazy about this product
  • This item went viral
  • The most interesting items of 2022
  • Innovative Last-Minute Gift Ideas

After reviewing the results, you may find a great product to offer your customers.

8. Use the product research tool

A product research tool is software that uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze millions of products in different markets. Its purpose is to allow store owners to assess a product's potential based on data points such as current order volume, sales history, and the number of Shopify stores selling this product.

There are several dropshipping product research tools on the market, but we recommend using a proven one like Sell the Trend.

Sell ​​the Trend helps you find thousands of winning products to dropship based on solid data. You can also import your products into your Shopify store and create Facebook video ads from your AliExpress product images to market to your customers.

Other product research tools to consider include Niche Scraper, Ecomhunt, and AliShark.

Important considerations when choosing products to dropship

Determine your price range

As with any business, in order for dropshipping to be the right decision, it must be profitable. Consider other company expenses to see if this business strategy is appropriate for you and your online store.

Reasonable Markup Opportunity

Fundamental to any successful e-commerce business is the ability to generate profit, and products should be sourced with this in mind.

Try to find a dropshipping product that you can sell for at least $10 more than the price you procured. For example, if he's sourcing a baseball cap for $5, try selling it for $15 in your store.

In this case, your sale covers the cost of sourcing the product, shipping, and marketing efforts, leaving you with a sizable profit margin at the end of the transaction.

If you're struggling with pricing your dropshipping products, there are plenty of pricing tips and tactics to help you choose a profitable pricing strategy.

Choose a supplier for your dropshipping products

To run a successful dropshipping business, you need a supplier that offers quality products at affordable prices.

There are various dropshipping suppliers available to ecommerce entrepreneurs around the world. Platforms like Modalyst make it easy to find reliable suppliers for various products.

A dropshipping supplier with a high feedback score and long business history is a legitimate supplier that provides excellent service to entrepreneurs. Stick with these guys when sourcing products for the store. Reliable suppliers are great for your dropshipping business.

We will also discuss how to select the best dropshipping suppliers, so we will answer all your questions.

Deal with delivery times

If you run your online store under the dropshipping model, you should be prepared to deal with longer delivery times. Items may be shipped from suppliers in China. As a result, shipping times may be a little longer than usual. This issue can be resolved by sourcing the product with the ePacket shipping option.

This shipping method allows faster delivery of lightweight products from Chinese suppliers. ePacket shipping is available for items weighing up to 2 kilos (4.4 pounds). This is something you should consider when sourcing products for your dropshipping store's inventory.For example, a craft store or a store that sells jewelry online should be able to easily take the ePacket route. .

ePacket delivery is available in a variety of countries including the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, Brazil, France, and Germany.

Start Dropshipping Today

Once you've decided on the perfect dropshipping products, you need to add them to your store.If you haven't created a store yet, check out our guide to starting your own ecommerce store in under 30 minutes. We give you all the information you need to find winning product ideas, find the best dropshipping suppliers, set the right price, and decide which dropshipping niche to tap into. Don't worry. Getting started is easy.

Once the store is up and running, you can install the Modalyst app. It is one of the leading platforms for finding and selling e-commerce products without holding inventory. You can easily run your e-commerce business with Modalyst dropshipping.

Dropshipping is changing the e-commerce industry and you can be part of it. If you're unsure about the sales of a particular product, you can check the number of sales in the last 30 days to make a final decision.

If you're wondering what to sell online with dropshipping, our company's website has plenty of resources to help you learn.

that's it. Now you have all the information you need to start sourcing great dropshipping products today.We know you will nail it.

Recap: How to find the best perfect dropshipping products for 2022

  1. Keep an eye out for new product trends.
  2. Conduct some research on the most popular dropshipping niches.
  3. Discover what your rivals are selling.
  4. Explore product videos on Facebook.
  5. Look for social shopping platforms.
  6. Join online communities to discuss products.
  7. Google can help you find product ideas.
  8. Use our dropshipping product research tool.

In the meantime, if you have any other questions about dropshipping products or ecommerce in general, let us know in the comments section. We are happy to help.

FAQ About Best Dropshipping Products

What are the best dropshipping products?

  • Wardrobe and accessories
  • kitchen and grocery
  • health and personal care
  • house and bedroom
  • office products
  • mobile phone accessories
  • game accessories
  • car accessories
  • Tools and Home Improvements

Where can I find inspiration for dropshipping products?

  • Google Trends
  • kickstarter
  • Sites for social shopping (Pinterest, Wanelo, Fancy)
  • Competitor sites
  • Online Community (Best Products, Shut Up And Take My Money)

Who are the most successful dropshippers?

Irwin Dominguez ranks #1 on the list of most successful dropshippers and in his 8 months of running a Shopify dropshipping business, he made $1 million in revenue.

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