Mistplay App Review: Earn Rewards by Playing Mobile Games

 Mistplay Review: App To Play Mobile Games and Earn Rewards

Mistplay Review: The App That Earns Rewards By Playing Mobile Games

Want to make easy money playing video games. Have you heard of Mistplay?

If so, you may be looking for resources to learn more. Or, if you've never heard the name, you might be curious as to what it is. In either scenario, you've come to the right place.

In this Mistplay review, we'll show you more about Mistplay and how you can use it to win free gift cards, money, or Google Play credits.

What is Mistplay?

Mistplay is one of the most popular apps for paying to play online games. Discover new free games, , and start earning units. You can redeem units for cash rewards at any time. Mistplay offers easy payment methods to play a variety of games.

Mistplay is a mobile application that allows users to play games in exchange for monetary rewards. We released the app in 2017 and focused on providing users with an environment where they could participate in games in exchange for real prizes.

Users can play her Mistplay games on their mobile devices to earn her Mistplay Points and receive gift cards from various retailers such as Amazon, Google Play and even virtual Visa cards.

If you've played mobile games like Star Wars Commander or DragonSoul, you might be familiar with Tapjoy.

Tapjoy allows users to earn in-game currency by completing certain actions, such as signing up for Disney Movie Club or trying out new mobile games. So if you've played solitaire or online bowling a few times, or even won free diamonds and crystals by spinning in virtual casinos, you'll know how Mistplay works. .

Mistplay is a mobile game favorite because you can win Google Play, Xbox gift cards, and more. Unfortunately, however, use of the app is limited to Android devices, so you cannot be a Mistplay user if you use an iOS device.

Mistplay Highlights

  • Discover new games on the Mistplay games list
  • Redeem units for great rewards
  • Chat with friends or find new friends in game chat
  • Level up your avatar to unlock achievement badges and earn units faster
  • Invite your friends to Mistplay and earn more with our referral program
  • Stay connected and follow your favorite players
  • Compete with other players to rank on the game's leaderboards

Who Uses Mistplay?

Anyone with an Android phone can download and use his Mistplay. Few parameters limit a user's ability to generate income.

Mistplay also supports user communication by providing a chat function that encourages connections between participants. Another overarching feature is that the app has no associated costs. Users do not have to pay to download, join or play games on Mistplay.

age requirement

You must be 18 or older to use Mistplay. Previously, he allowed a 13-year-old to set up her Mistplay account, but Mistplay recently made another requirement. If Mistplay discovers that you are an underage user, your account will be terminated.

How to qualify to monetize Mistplay

Have you ever thought that you like to make money at home and play games? The great thing about Mistplay is that all Android users over 18 can earn money in their spare time .

Like many gaming apps, there are no requirements, age requirements, or minimum follower requirements. However, users will have to tweak the phone settings a bit. This includes bypassing power saving modes and allowing Mistplay to run concurrently with other applications.

These changes will allow Mistplay to track player playtime.

Another important step is creating an account when you download the app. This allows you to maximize your earning potential. Mistplay, like many other apps, allows you to sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

However, if you don't want your gaming habits publicized, you can sign up using your email. Other eligibility restrictions for Mistplay are:

How Mistplay Users Get Rewarded

The good news is that Mistplay users are eligible to receive rewards the moment they start playing. It's as easy as browsing the list of available games and choosing which one to play. However, playing games with higher value rewards is the best way to increase your earnings.

As you earn points, you earn rewards through Mistplay. Some games allow users to win more money than others. If your goal is to score as many points as possible in a short amount of time, spend as much time as possible on high-value games.

What is unit?

Mistplay's denominations are similar to Bitcoin's denominations on many other gaming platforms. This is the currency language unique to the Mistplay universe. As individuals play the game, they receive a number of units in exchange for their time and effort. Please note that you will not be rewarded just for being in the app. To earn units, you must play actively.

Note about Units: Unit values ​​can change at any time during your daily play. This means that if you win a lot of units in one game today, the same offer may not be available tomorrow.

What is GXP?

GXP is an acronym for "Game Experience Points", a point system associated with units. The longer you play, the more amount of her GXP you earn. As such, Mistplay recognizes that users have committed to a particular game, thus increasing their rewards the longer they play.

For example, when the game starts, he can only generate 1 GXP for her per minute of play. However, after playing for an hour, his GXP can increase to 2-3 per minute. Keep in mind that these numbers, for example, are just that. We cannot promise that this will be the case when using the app.

One caveat is that your talent in the game does not reflect the GXP you earn. If you love playing, you don't need to be extraordinarily talented to get rewarded. GXP is about time spent playing, not proficiency gain.

What are PXPs?

PXP stands for "Player Experience Points" and is a form of points that indicate the beginner level achieved in Mistplay. But again, that's not your skill decision.

PXP measures the time spent on the Mistplay platform, demonstrating that you are a consistent user. The higher your PXP, the higher the GXP level you can earn while playing.

How to monetize your non-Mistplay activities

While you must be actively playing the game to earn rewards, there are several other ways to increase your earnings and earn bonus units.

Referral program

If you know a friend or family member who enjoys playing games on their Android phone, you can refer them to Mistplay and earn rewards.

When friends and family use your referral code to sign up, you earn bonus points and contribute to the overall unit value. Additionally, by referring individuals, you can increase your cumulative units, thus bringing you closer to your desired threshold for cashing in your winnings.

How to redeem units on Mistplay

Once the number of earned units reaches a certain threshold, they can be redeemed for prizes. As mentioned above, these prizes include various items such as credits for other his Android-related applications and Google Play gift cards.

Retailers can earn gift his cards including Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Xbox, PlayStation, GameStop, and Facebook.

One of Mistplay's only cons is that it doesn't offer a cash option when you're ready to redeem your unit. As such, the game offers great rewards, but cash isn't one of them.

Additionally, there is no 'pick up' when you select an item to exchange. Your commitment to the particular redemption method you choose is 'firm', so be sure to check it before you choose.

Another area that requires attention is entering email information, as all gift card or credit deliveries are electronic. You must receive your reward within 48 hours of selection. If it's been more than 2 days, please make sure you provided the correct information.

How much do Mistplay users earn?

Technically, Misplay users don't pay in cash, so they don't get paid. However, most of us in the US are probably very active Amazon users. So cashing out an Amazon gift card can save you money on your Amazon purchases and pay for it in a roundabout way.

Usually a user he earns in two ways. These he two areas are the time the user spends on the app and her PXP the user generates.

Units and PXP can change from day to day and even hourly, so one aspect of him that you can control is the amount of time spent in the Mistplay app and certain skills developed in the game.

So if you have a short attention span, it's a good idea to spend more time in apps than jumping from game to game.

However, if you're competitive, it may be preferable to stick with one game and hone your skills. Still, both processes require an investment of time and energy to use Mistplay.

When using Mistplay, units can be accumulated in the following ways. For a $5 gift card, you need to generate 1,500 units. So, to win a $20.00 gift card, you would consider 20,000 units or more. Depending on your investment, you can do this at a slow pace or receive it immediately.

If you have a lot of idle time throughout the day, you may be able to allocate specific times to playing different games. We think of these types of people as college students who kill time between classes or use public transportation to commute or work.

However, if you don't have a lot of downtime due to personal or professional obligations, you may struggle to find enough time to earn units.

Those with extra time can earn up to $30-$40 in gift cards or app credits each month. It can be an important side business that supplements your income. Someone who doesn't have time might only be able to make a $5 to he $10 in-app credit card or gift card.

It may be of value to you as well. So even if the units are slow and stable to generate, you can happily accept supplements on that small aspect.

Mistplay is a great way to discover new games and earn extra money while watching movies and TV. If you enjoy mobile games like Solitaire Grand Harvest, you'll love Mistplay. Note that there are no cash rewards and gift cards only.

We don't classify it as a side job or a full-time gig. So if you have the desire to become a pro gamer, we recommend setting up a YouTube channel or becoming a Twitch streamer.

How does Mistplay make money?

You may be wondering if Mistplay is legal. Or you can ask yourself why the app exists solely for the benefit of other users.

The obvious answer is that the creators of Mistplay have perks too. And this is true.

Much like our articles on how to make money online through research and product testing, Mistplay acts as a "testing" app. This means providing services to the developers when playing the games of the app.

Your use provides insight into the game's kinks and problems. In many cases, apps like Mistplay are a testing ground. As such, we may receive requests for feedback about the games you are playing.

Your feedback can provide valuable insights and help us improve the game significantly. The game you play today may be a big hit tomorrow. Game developers are willing to pay extra cash to gain this insight and create great gaming experiences.

rules of engagement

As stated above, you may not use the App if you are under the age of 18. We also inform you about the continuously changing unit value associated with each game.

However, there are some rules to consider when using Mistplay. Here are some other rules that may affect avid Android gamers.


Depending on where you live, you may have access to certain games. In some cases, the region you are in may offer many options.

However, you may live in a place with limited options. If this is the situation, one reassurance we can offer is that opportunities change frequently. Tomorrow you may find that you have access to better options than the day before.


If you enjoy Mistplay, use it regularly. If the app does not accrue fees for 180 days, your account may expire and you may lose earned units.

This can be frustrating for some, so it's good to know to participate. Scheduling a day is worth it.


The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) in apps is strictly prohibited. So if you tend to try to circumvent the system, you have no interesting business.

Game selection varies by location, so you should know in advance that any attempt to disrupt the system will launch it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mistplay Legit?

Mistplay is a legit money making app that allows you to earn money by playing games online. The more you play, the more you earn cash rewards. Don't expect to quit your day job with the cash you can make. But if you want to earn a little extra money every month, Mistplay is definitely one of your options.

Is there Mistplay Payout Real Money?

Points earned on Mistplay can be redeemed for gift cards at select retailers and online stores. The only drawback is that it cannot be redeemed for real cash. If you're looking for flexibility in what you can purchase with your redeemed Mistplay units, consider things like Visa or Amazon gift cards.

How much can I earn with Mistplay?

Mistplay earnings depend on several factors. First, the more you play, the more you earn. second. If you are a skilled player and reach a higher level in the game, you will earn more. Check your rewards. You can also earn extra cash by referring friends and family.

You can redeem your Mistplay rewards instantly?

Once enough units have been accumulated, they can be redeemed for Mistplay rewards. Check the app regularly to see what your units are worth and how much you've earned. Once you redeem your unit, you will receive your gift card via email within approximately 48 hours.

Mistplay App Review Summary

It's safe to say that you won't become a millionaire or make a lot of money using the Mistplay app. In fact, you won't even get a side income to brag about. However, if you enjoy playing games in your free time and want to receive a small reward for your efforts, you can use Mistplay to make money at home.

If you search Mistplay online, you will find many curious individuals looking for ways to make money online and questioning the app's legitimacy. Although the profitability is low, it can confirm that the app is a legitimate system. There are no hooks or endless sales funnels, and you'll get little change in gift cards in exchange for gameplay.

The biggest highlight of the app is what users can access. So you don't have to spend any money to advance to the next level. Another perk is the variety of experiences available. The game is mostly limited to the testing phase, so you get a chance to see and try out different developers' work in person.

However, it's worth remembering that where you live can greatly affect your access to certain games. While traveling, it can be fun to discover new games that you can enjoy wherever you are. Likewise, if you prefer local homes, you may find your options a little more limited and uninteresting.

Please note that unit values ​​for each game change frequently. Because of this, it's best not to get too attached to one game. Due to rotation of game options, they change frequently.

If you want to earn gift cards while playing games, Mistplay is a viable option.

However, unless you're an iOS user, you're out of luck in that case. They need to find other avenues to earn money from their games.

Finally, if you love Mistplay but don't care about gift cards, you can always learn how to sell gift cards online for extra income.

Get started today, download Mistplay, play games to earn extra money, and start your adventure with income generating Android apps.

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