18 Online Jobs That Teens Can Do From Home With No Experience

 18 Online Jobs Teens Can Do From Home With No Experience

18 Online Jobs That Teens Can Do From Home With No Experience

Working from home is a great job option for teens. Youth unemployment is generally higher than the rest of the population, so having the opportunity to work from home without any work experience is a huge advantage. It's a great time to explore your efforts as a

Finding a job as a teenager can still be difficult. Many employers are looking for experienced workers, even for entry-level jobs. Many of the best jobs for teenagers are jobs that can be done online. Scheduling work shifts can be a big challenge in schools and sports. Most companies don't have you available when they need it most.

Here are many jobs that teenagers can do at home.

1. Virtual Assistant

The average salary for virtual assistants nationwide is $24.77 an hour. Many roles require little experience and are well suited to fit into school schedules. The first step to becoming a virtual assistant is identifying skills that can be applied in the business world.

Many virtual assistant roles are:

  • data entry
  • Research projects for employers
  • Organize your schedule and make appointments
  • Help with communication

Her teen with no formal experience can cite a school project to demonstrate her proficiency in these skills.

2. TikTok Creator

TikTok is a lot of fun. The platform needs a lot of fresh content in different niches. To incentivize creators, TikTok pays for content based on views. Monetize your videos by consistently creating engaging and exciting content. TikTok only pays 2-4 cents per view, but the platform is huge. It's not always easy, but it's clearly possible to get tons of views with viral content, and many of his TikTok creators monetize their content through sponsorships.

3. Online survey

Online surveys bring in a small amount of money, but they are easy to complete. Online surveys pay because businesses want to know how consumers view their products.

Two of the most popular apps for online surveys are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

4. Blogging

Blogging is the opposite of quick cash from online surveys. It takes a long time to build a blog big enough to make money. However, most of her teens don't have to pay their own rent, so it's likely they don't need that kind of steady income. As such, adolescence is the perfect time to start a business that takes some time to bear fruit.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTubers seem to have fun. Create exciting videos and get to work from home. You can start creating content for YouTube on your smartphone. Keep your audience engaged and have the right equipment to keep growing your audience. It's very frustrating when YouTube views go down. To avoid this, you should consistently release new videos on relevant topics.

6. Freelance writer/copywriting

If you love writing, freelance writing is a great way to make money online. Sites like Upwork have many companies looking to hire writers. Jobs range from writing blog posts to ghostwriting entire books.

Note that there is a difference between writing an essay for school and writing an article for SEO or compelling copy to sell your product. Also, it is helpful to understand these differences.

7. Design T-shirt

The t-shirt market is saturated, so don't expect overnight success here. However, designing t-shirts is a lucrative way to make money. On-demand print services keep initial costs low. For example, Mike Pasley runs his shirt shop, Famous In Real Life, and in his first year he made $700,000 in revenue.

8. Create a print

Printables on Etsy is a huge business. However, it takes trial and error to find something that works. Etsy's algorithm also prioritizes successful listings and creators. So building a printable business there requires creating something interesting with a unique angle.

9. Stock photo sales

Selling your photos on sites like Shutterstock is a great way to make money online. You can take pictures at your leisure and load them on the platform. Fun fact: Shutterstock pays his creators more than $1 billion for his content.

10. Calibration

Proofreading is an excellent option for those who have patience and attention to detail. With many writers neglecting proofreading and editing of their work (or proofreading might be better), there is considerable demand for this work. This hesitation creates opportunities for others to do the work for them (and profit accordingly).

11. Freelance computer programming

Computer programming is what I was doing in his teenage years to make money. First, I learned how to program websites and e-commerce sites. After that, I sold my time both by the hour and by the project. If you love coding, consider learning some marketable languages and frameworks. For example, JavaScript is great for freelance programming. There are a lot of web projects out there that can be done in a weekend and get a fair amount done.

12. Freelance graphic design

There are many companies looking for people to help design. These projects range from highly creative branding jobs to production design roles implementing design changes across an employer's portfolio.

13. Freelance Video Editor

Video editing takes time and you need the right tools to process it in a timely manner. If you're already doing video work, video editing can be a great option. Editing can be a lucrative online job for her teen when she's ready and ready to start. According to Upwork stats, the average video editor earns about $15-$30 per hour for her.

14. Online tutor

I'm from America so I can teach English to non-native speakers online. Most apps focused on this are for students who have had a formal education in English but are trying to pick up the nuances of the language from direct interaction with someone living in America. requires a college degree or enrollment in a college program. Chegg pays the tutor $20 per hour of her live instruction.

15. Become a brand ambassador

A brand ambassador is one of the main ways influencers leverage their audience and make money. That's where brands pay you to represent their products in your online presence. The first step to that is building that presence.

Brands are much more likely to want to work with you if your online presence has a cohesive message. Consistent messaging allows brands to quickly identify what you're talking about and determine if your messages and followers fit the profile you want to grow.

Once you have an online presence, start reaching out to potential brands. These could be small businesses that want to sell into your niche first. Next, you'll want to reach out to them and sell them the benefits of working with you.

16. Data entry

Besides performing some data entry tasks as a virtual assistant, you can also take on a role dedicated to data entry. Data entry jobs range from entering a quick survey to entering results into your employer's software. Usually this is a job that requires experience.

17. Flip products online

There are many ways to flip products online. The basic premise of flipping is that the local market is weaker than the internet as a whole. Sources of local products are Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, discount retailers, and clearing auctions.

A friend of mine specializes in flipping bikes and bike parts. He often buys them on Facebook Marketplace and his Craigslist, and handles the listing and shipping process on eBay. The bike delivery process is somewhat complicated, so local sellers usually don't bother learning how to do it. A friend of mine ships these bikes regularly so it's not too much trouble for him.

18. Create Online Courses

Creating an online course may be another way to make money online, but it can be lucrative. increase. It's also fun to use to research topics of interest. Become expert enough to create and publish courses.

You can create courses in Teachable or use Udemy, a platform for course creators. They have a marketplace to list your course so you don't have to do 100% of the marketing yourself. Payouts per sale are lower but this makes creating courses more valuable than attracting customers can concentrate on

TLDR: Lots of options for teens to work from home

In this article, we'll give you some work ideas that teenagers can do at home. It's a great time to consider doing something more entrepreneurial. It's great for her teen with a busy school schedule because most work from home jobs are flexible with their schedules.

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